Hey, I'm Flo 👋

This website is only a transition, an ongoing 🍹 & 🍜 index of my past and coming projects.
Actually living in brussels, part of MAX. Not open to work.

Last update: 26.04.2024

2024O.J.A.I.Brussels, Belgium
2024Please ProceedWith Rukpong RaimaturapongParis, France
2024Run WestWith Rukpong RaimaturapongParis, France
2024AC/ALWith Marion KuenyParis, France
2024LosangeWith Marion KuenyParis, France
2024Corner virtuelParis, France
2024Magic Administrators of Xylophone musicBrussels, Belgium
2024Domaine de La Tour du BonWith Clément HorardLe Brûlat du Castellet, France
2023Jim Thompson art centerWith Rukpong RaimaturapongBangkok, Thailand
2023Seoul Media City biennale 2023With So-Hyun Bae & Laura RichardSeoul, Korea
2023Darius Del MoralBrussels, Belgium
2023Julie PfleidererBrussels, Belgium
2023JesterWith AlliageGenk, Belgium
2022DeeblancheWith Julien BaiamonteAmsterdam, Netherlands
2022VevaloWith So-Hyun BaeLuxembourg, Luxembourg
2022Panpuri — Extract perfume oilWith Rukpong RaimaturapongBangkok, Thailand
2022Magasin Centre national d’art contemporainWith AlliageGrenoble, France
2022RespireWith Juliette FlécheuxNancy, France
2022RukpongParis, France
2022Youth EditionsWith Émilie KrengelParis, France
2022George PisaWith Julien Baiamonte & DeeblancheAmsterdam, Netherlands
2022Rochet SedinBrussels, Belgium
2022DAO Culture
2022AnnesqueWith So-Hyun Bae
2022AndothersWith Julien BaiamonteAmsterdam, Netherlands
2021mmmWith mmmToulouse, France
2021Marine MontagneParis, France
2021Dorica CastraParis, France
2021IntersticesParis, France
2021Soft MattersParis, France
2021EnsadLabParis, France
2021Atelier AteParis, France
2020Lou LasvenesAmsterdam, Netherlands
2020Random Strip
2020Eudoxie MégarusParis, France
2020Pic CollectifParis, France
2020GisèleBWith Julien BaiamonteAnnecy, France
2020UIGVWith Marine Montagne & Timothée VillemurParis, France
2020Léo TanguyStrasbourg, France
2019Szene 2weiLahr, Germany
2019Rosa TuretskyGeneva, Switzerland
2019CritikatParis, France
2018Julien BaiamonteAnnecy, France